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April 2019: Stage One Arlington, Texas Top Awards

Studio Award: Stage One Competitive Spirit Award

Petite Solos: Choreography Award for Think, 2nd place: Ani Lewright, 6th place: Raylie Parker, 8th place: Kaydence Ortiz, 9th place: Emlyn Reed

Junior Novice Solos: 8th place: Sydnee Davis

Junior Solos: 4th place: Bryant Cobb, 5th place: Courtney Lyles, 8th place: Jordan McCloy

Teen Solos: 1st place: Arick Brooks

Senior Solos:

Junior duet/trios: 5th place: Stand by Me

Teen novice duet/trios: 1st place: Seasons Under My Bed

Teen duet/trio: 1st place: Brown Eyed Girl

Senior duet/trios: 1st place: Ending

Petite Small Group: 4th place: Me and My Girls

Teen large group novice: 2nd place: Ain’t Nothing Wrong, 3rd place: Zero to Hero

Teen large group: 2nd place: Get Low, 7th place: In the Beginning, 10th place: Differently

Teen Small Group: 2nd place: Funky White Boys, 6th place: Can’t Hold Us

Teen Lines: 1st place/showmanship: Bikini Bottom Day, 2nd place: Hey Pachuco, 3rd place: Female

2018-2019 Continuum Dance Company 



March 2019: Groove, Austin Texas: Top Awards  

Studio Award:  Inspired by Passion

Petite Solos: 2nd place: Raylie Parker, 3rd place: Emlyn Reed

Junior Solos: 10th place: Grier Lewight

Teen Solos1st place: Arick Brooks (scholarship winner), 4th place: Georgia Swaney (scholarship winner), 8th place: Liz McClellan, 10th place: Bailey Jowers

Senior Solos: 7th place: Bryant Cobbt (scholarship winner), 10th place: Courtney Lyles

Junior Duet/Trio: 10th Place: Stand By Me

Teen Duet/Trio: 2nd place: Brown Eyed Girl

Senior Duet/Trio: 1st place : Ending / 1st place Novice: Seasons Under my Bed

Junior Line: 1st Place Bikini Bottom Day

Junior Small group: 1st place: Funky White Boys, 7th place: Can’t Hold Us

Junior Large group: 1st place: Get Low , 2nd place : Hey Pachuco

Senior Large group: 1st place: In the Beginning



February 2019: Platinum National Dance Comp, San Antonio Texas:

Top Awards

Invitation to Nationals: Grier Lewight, Arick Brooks, Georgia Swaney

High Pointe Novice Dancer for Platinum Dance: Grier Lewright

Mr. Platinum: Sr- Bryant Cobb , Jr- Arick Brooks

Junior Duet/Trio: 1st Place: Stand By Me

Teen Duet/Trio: 2nd  Place: Brown Eyed Girl

Senior Duet/Trio: 1st Place: Ending

Teen Solos: 2nd Place: Arick Brooks, 5th Place Georgia Swaney

Sr Solos: 5th Place: Courtney Lyles, 3rd Place: Liz McClellan

Teen Line: 1st Place: Female

Junior Small group: 1st Place: Funky White Boys

Junior Large Group: 1st Place: One Beautiful Evening

Miss Photogenic: Britain Heber



April 2019: Talent on Parade, Austin Texas: Top Awards 

Studio Award Winner for Sportsmanship

Invitation to Nationals (Top Stars): Grier Lewright, Arick Brooks, Chloe Wilke

10 and younger: 4th place: Grier Lewight

13-16 solos: 1st Place: Arick Brooks (high point award), 7th place: Bailey Jowers, 8th place: Georgia Swaney (scholarship award winner)

17 and up Solos: 3rd place: Bryant Cobb

Junior & Senior  Duet/Trio: 2nd place: Brown Eyed Girl, 4th place: Ending, 7th place: Do Like Me, 10th place: Cringe

Production: 4th place: Bikini Bottom

Junior Novice Line: 1st Place Female

Junior Novice Small Group: 1st place Ain’t Nothing Wrong

Junior Novice Large Group: 3rd place: Zero to Hero

Junior Small group: 1st place: Funky White Boys, 3rd place: Can’t Hold Us

Junior Large group: 1st place: Get Low, 2nd place: Differently, 3rd place:

In The Beginning

Junior Line: 1st place: Hey Pachuco