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Fall Production Workshop

Congratulations to the Cast of Seussical!  We are so excited about this musical as it is one of my all time favorites! So much fun wrapped up in 2 hours on the stage! The talent blew us away last weekend! As always there can only be one person to fill each role and we encourage each of you to be excited for the road ahead instead of focusing on disappointments.  Please remember that casting is a collection audition performances combined with the professional opinions of our artistic staff, and needs of the show that created this cast list. We encourage each of you to continue to work on your craft to improve your skills and versatility. Each experience is valuable to the growth of each artist. It truly takes everyone listed below to create a dynamic production. 


Important Information: Your Attention is Needed!


Please read the following information regarding this production workshop before committing. Tuition for each child is $250 (siblings receive a combined 10% discount), and tuition must be paid in full on Tuesday, Sept 5th or a payment of $125 on Sept 6th and a payment of $125 on Oct 15th.  Before committing to your role, please make sure you can commit to the following schedules listed below. Also, please know that we will work with school related and some extracurricular conflicts as long as we know ahead of time, and there are not excessive absences from rehearsals.


Rehearsals: Every Sunday from 2pm-4:30pm at SABA and Tuesdays from 5:30pm-7:30pm (students will all be called the first few Tuesdays of rehearsals, then only special groups will be called in on Tuesdays, so students will only need to come on the Tuesdays when they are called).


Mandatory Pre Tech Rehearsals:  Nov 27th- Nov 30th from 5:30pm-8:30pm (younger children may be released earlier)


Mandatory Tech Rehearsals: Dec 4th-Dec 7th from 4:30pm-9pm (rehearsals will start promptly at 5:30pm but we would like students to be there as close to 4:30pm as possible. Younger students will be released early Mon and Tues.)


Performances: Dec 8th: school day performance at 9:30am (possibly 1pm as well), Dec 8th at 7:30pm. Dec 9th at 2pm and 7:30pm and Dec 10th at 2pm.  All performances will be held at the Coliseum.


All students or parents must accept their role by 5pm today through the following ways: email to or text 325-763-4807.  Please be sure to state your name and if you accept or do not accept your role.


First rehearsal will be Tuesday, Sept 5th from 5:30-7:30 at SABA with a quick parent info meeting following rehearsals for those who might be new to SABA.  Tomorrow families will receive registration forms via email for the workshop.  Those are due Sept 6th or can be dropped off at our office located at 10 N Taylor Thursday of this week between 3pm-6:30pm or Friday between 3pm-6pm.




Cat in the Hat: Aidan Brooks

Horton the Elephant: Bryant Cobb

General Genghis Kahn Schmitz: Josh Vetter

Gertrude McFuzz: Haley Jackson

Mayzie La Bird: Hannah Brown

Boy: Dietrich Jost

Circus McGurkus; June Burick (also a Who Citizen)

Elephant Bird: Hannah Vu  (also a Who Citizen)

Thing 1: Taylor Jost

Thing 2: Annika Lindeman


Bird Girls:

Madeline Parks, Holly Magee, Liz McClellan, Grace Lui, Chloe Wilke, Brooke Terrill, Faith Magee, Bethany Wheeler


Jungle Of Nool Characters

Sour Kangaroo: Sarah Dunlap

Baby Roo: Bell Royer

Vlad Vladikiff: Ian Schipper

Yertle the Turtle: Jack McLaughlin (also Jungle Ensemble and Hunch)

Lorax: Payton Cobb

Fox in Socks: Zarek Womack


Wickersham Brothers (soloists announced in rehearsals and will be Hunches): Kamryn Burch, Braden Jowers, Gabbie Turner, Makaila Haire, Taylor Holle, Gabi Pena, Bella Rodriguez, Ciera Juaerz


Jungle Ensemble/Hunches:  Tristan Olseon, Jayli Bearden, Leilani Herrera, Jordan McCloy, Bailey Jowers, Laney Jost , Andrew Magee, Gabe Fava,  Oakley Arledge, Amos Garza, Stryder Hicks, Jenna Griffin, Emma Beauton


Dancing Fish/ Cadets /Hunches: Kennedy King, Maxine Finn, Mackenzie Sonnenberg, Paula Brame, Chloe Van Zandt, Kambry Morales,  Andraya DeRusso, Britain Hebert, Delaney Brown, Ava Lewis


Specialty Circus Acts: Korbin Jastrow, Addi Pounds, Andrew Magee, Gabe Fava, Merrick Young, Ava Lewis, Delaney Brown,  Olivia Trufant,  (more students will be added when rehearsal starts)


Citizens of Whoville:

Jojo: Jacen Brooks

Mayor: Kaden Wright

Mayor Wife: Diamond Gullett

Grinch: Jamison Speed

Max: Macee Mae Sims

Cindy Lou Who: Addi Pounds

Annie Who:Griffin Thornton (Who 4 soloist)

Mrs Who: Olivia Rutherford

Mr Who: Nathan Miller

Sam I Am: Tyler Ramon

Who 1: Landon Humphries (understudy for JoJo)

Who 2:Hope Lui

Who 3:Luke Settle

Who 5: Reagan Gaylean


Citizens of Who Ensemble

Jordan Munden, Meleah Rodriguez,  Collyn Daniels, Addyson Sonneberg, Rayden Fincher, Avalon Rodgers, Sydnee Davis,  Layla Porter,  Lilyana Harding, Amiyah Lopez, Olivia Trufant,  Korbin Jastrow, Dallas Martinez, Jacey West, Elizabeth Lindeman, Luke Haddad, Hunter Miller, Landrie Speed, Merrick Young, Leah Herrera,  Haley Humphries, Roman Vela, Ellie Henry, Julia McQueen,  Hannah Vu, June Burick

Cast List

Cast List